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Our Mission

It has been identified by government agencies and industry bodies that the UK Construction market has been suffering from systemic problems for many years. One such assessment, The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labour Model suggests that the UK’s construction industry faces ‘inexorable decline’ unless longstanding problems are addressed.

Though the report focuses on government, industry bodies and developers, a comment is made regarding the wider supply chain. Certainly, many of the issues raised the report apply to the consultancy side of the construction industry. In the spirit of “being the change you want to see” the following sets out in which ways we seek to make a difference in our corner of the supply chain.

Increased Productivity

Through a combination of flexible working practices, effective systems and application of modern and emerging software/technology we anticipate streamlined efficiency, QAQC compliance, resulting in increased productivity.

Improved Predictability

We promise on-time and on-budget delivery, ensuring maximum predictability and minimising interruption to the design and construction team.

Integration and Collaboration 

The farmer report highlights the “cost-focused rather than value-focused” nature of the construction industry.


Our key objective of ensuring on time and on budget delivery hinges of integration, collaboration and communication across the design team and supply chain.


Furthermore, as stated, where no scope of investigation is provided, we offer several ‘products’ geared towards differing budgetary/timetabling constraints and client attitudes towards acceptable levels of risk and onward liability. To this end, we highlight the difference in value from one product versus to another and will help clients choose a strategy that meets their budget, timescale and comfortable exposure to risk.

Transparent Pricing

Using what we believe in a unique quoting strategy we ensure streamlined, consistent and uniform quotes making comparisons easy.


Reductions in the cost of investigation are achieved through a reduction in the scope of investigation with an accepted and transparent increase is the risk that comes with reduced data.


Acknowledging the effects on risk exposure in this way is more transparent than the traditional adversarial model of undercutting competitors on price. In the traditional model, risks must still be borne but through caveating and other less tangible ways.

Workforce Size & Demographics

Through succession management planning for all team members, we can identify career progression and trajectory and identify where bottlenecks or oversupply might occur in our workforce. In collaboration with flexible working, this helps us to deliver on time and on budget.

Improvement Culture

Communication and collaboration are key to on-time and on-budget delivery. Mis-communication and failure to understand client objectives are a major source of project delays, increased costs and frustration. Clearly stated deliverables and deadlines are essential. Adoption of BIM is predicated on collaboration within the design team. GACC is conscious of the importance of BIM and aims to work with clients in the successful application of BIM.


We consider BIM to be of significant value when developments near the end of life ‘renovation/demolition’ phase of the cycle; For example, contaminated land (and in particular asbestos contamination) may include ‘soil cover systems’ or CL:AIRE ‘DoWCoP’ as part of a remediation strategy. Ensuring such remedial activity is captured in the BIM documentation will act to maintain land value and the cost of investment in remediation, reduce perceived blight and act to protect the environment and health and safety of future workers.

Enhanced Industry Image

GACC aims to develop a good reputation by being transparent, ethical, green and reliable.


As a new start up we take all feedback seriously. Let us know what we are doing well and how we can do better.

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