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Foundation Design

Shallow and Piled Foundations

Whether a project is in the pre-purchase, preliminary or detailed engineering phase, we can provide design advice and recommendations to allow informed selection of the most appropriate foundation solution for your build. With your design team providing as much or as little information as is available, we will determine optimal foundation solutions for everything from extensions and garages, through detached buildings to housing developments and commercial buildings. We are happy to work iteratively with your team, providing information and advice as the designs evolve.

Bearing and Load Capacity;

Working Stress & Limit State Design

Depending on your need, we can provide bearing capacity for traditional ‘shallow’ foundations or load capacity for piled designs. As required, we will supply preliminary design data based on either working stress and limit state design.

Floor-slabs, Basements, Retaining Structures, Earthworks

Should the proposed development incorporate more complex elements, preliminary design advice can be provided facilitating feasibility, costings and further detailed design.

Concrete footings and reinforcing rod for new commercial building under construction..jpg
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