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Remediation Options Appraisal

If remedial action is required, it can be advantageous to complete an options appraisal. This focuses on addresses specific pollutant linkages and weighs the best method(s) to reduce or control the risks.

In order to arrive at the best remediation method, we will work with clients and specialist contractors to understand and weigh the various requirements that inform the remedial activity. Though cost is often the driving force other factors, such as the duration, environmental impact, size of site vs equipment used in remediation, may also to important considerations.


Once a remediation strategy has been identified, we will write this into a clear and concise remediation method statement for acceptance by the regulator. This document presents a clear set of instructions to the contractor physically undertaking the work. 

During the remediation, we can provide independent validation of their works and upon completion compile a verification report for submission to regulators, inclusion in the BIM system or to be provided to future stakeholders.

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