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Old rusted metal underground heating oil storage tank. Tank was removed using excavation e

Fuel Tank Removal

As the UK economy becomes increasingly decarbonised, commercial and domestic fuel tanks are gradually becoming obsolete. Historically it has been common practice to “empty” tanks and fill them with concrete or foam.


Though this is an acceptable and cost-effective method of decommissioning tanks, under certain circumstances, it can have some drawbacks;

  • pipe runs and infrastructure are often neglected during the cleaning and filling process,

  • poorly filled or "towering" concrete can result in voids and vapour build-up, 

  • filled tanks present a greater environmental risk,

  • filled tanks can present an obstruction when building,

  • tank filling is usually a temporary or medium-term solution, with removal required at some point.

We have experience in investigating above and below ground fuel tanks and tank infrastructure. Following our assessment, we will recommend whether filling or removal is most appropriate and, where necessary, develop a remediation strategy, supervise removal and verify/validate the final works.

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