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About Geotechnical And Contamination Consulting

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Phil Price

I started in the industry in 2006 and since then, I can say I have done a little of everything and a lot of the common stuff. I've worked on sites ranging from Westminster Abbey and Bank of America, to an abandoned theme park, and even a literal drugs den. I’ve worked across the UK and abroad, as a geotechnical engineer, environmental consultant and contaminated land officer for Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Council.


I've designed and supervised countless investigations for private and public bodies including national housebuilders, Local Authorities, academic institutions and even acclaimed artist Antony Gormley. My experience tells me what to expect from an investigation and provides me the tools to deal with the unexpected.

I started the business just before the first Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. The company received no financial support, until I was lucky enough to get a phone call out of the blue from a former colleague with the offer of work. This was the financial lifeline needed to weather the pandemic.

My aim in starting Geotechnical And Contamination Consulting was to "be the change I wanted to see". I believe clients shouldn't have to chase reports, that quotes and invoices should be easy to compare and that projects should be on budget with no nasty surprises. Too often reports are late and investigations over budget.


I believe I can provide a better service; one that clients expect and deserve.

Why Choose Us?

At Geotechnical And Contamination Consulting, we know the tremendous amount of work that goes into any construction project and understand the work of multiple disciplines and hundreds of people combine to get the job done. We appreciate that budgets, timescales and patience are finite and that failure to deliver on time or over budget can have significant knock-on effects to the whole design and construction team.


For this reason, we guarantee reports will be delivered on time and on budget. We believe that good communication and inter-discipline collaboration are key to achieving this.


If your design team has a pre-defined scope for the environmental/geotechnical investigation, congratulations. We are confident we offer value for money while tackling all the significant issues and providing the information you need to progress. Alternatively, we can design a range of possible options, providing bespoke scopes that meet your project objectives, while also offering solutions that meet all budgets.


How We Can Help?  


The complexity and myriad potential environmental/geotechnical hazards at any given site mean a phased approach to investigation is essential. Ground Investigation requires a balance to be struck between the budgets and timescales of our customers and the requirements set by planning authorities and regulators. This balancing act can result in significant variation in the amount and cost of investigation recommended by similar consultants.

Our aim is to focus on providing the best value to clients by offering several products geared towards differing budgetary/timetabling constraints and client attitudes towards acceptable levels of risk and corporate liability.

When asked to scope an investigation, we may offer several different options, all of which are designed to address the needs of the developer and regulator while providing budgeting/timetabling flexibility.

Where We Work?  

Geotechnical And Contamination Consulting is ideally situated to serve the A11 Growth/Tech Corridor between Cambridge and Norwich as well as the A47 Corridor. As stated in New Anglia’s strategic plan, East Anglia is set to benefit from economic and societal growth above the national average over the next decade and onward into the middle of the century. Work being done by organisations like the A47 Alliance ensure the potential of East Anglia is realised.

From our A11 depot, we already serve our UEA Enterprise Centre office in Norwich. We provide core coverage in and around Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Greater Norwich and North Norfolk, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Ipswich, Colchester, Bury St Edmonds, Thetford, and Cambridge. Geotechnical And Contamination Consulting has a modern, flexible working structure allowing office-based and home working as best suits our employees. With this in mind, our virtual offices in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk provide local coverage across East Anglia.

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