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Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to transparent, ethical, green and reliable practice is set out in the following corporate responsibility policies.

Environmental Protection

As a society, we are increasingly aware of climate change and the pollution of the seas and oceans, but unfortunately, mankind has been just us irresponsible in contaminating the land and water beneath our feet. Regolith aims to be as environmentally conscious and as sustainable as practicable. Wherever possible we will minimise plastic use, reuse materials where possible and recycle where we can. As new technologies become available, we will review our practices to reduce our environmental impact where possible. Our preliminary environmental management system is in general accordance with ISO14001:2015 and we intend to work towards certification in due course.

Equality Statement

Equal pay, equal opportunities and equal conditions are imperative for any modern progressive company, its employees and clients. To ensure fairness, we use transparent competency-based metrics and pay structure ensuring predictable earnings and career planning. We embrace equal rights and equal opportunity in all aspects of what we do and will accommodate individuals needs wherever possible.

Quality Statement

Under our commitment to quality, we seek to deliver our products and services in a manner that our clients and peers in the industry expect. We aim to;

  • honour our commitment to on time and on budget delivery wherever possible,

  • provide recommendations and advice in accordance with regulation and guidance

  • work in general accordance with the norms of the industry and, where possible, hope to go above and beyond in our adoption and implementation of health and safety, QAQC and QMS.

  • seek continual improvement across internal systems and deliverables

  • review policies and procedures regularly to ensure they reflect changes to regulation and guidance,

  • be a caring and compassionate employer and accommodate the needs of employees where possible.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) is core to ensuring the data journey through a project is coherent. 


Our preliminary Quality Management System (QMS) is in general accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and we intend to work towards certification.

Transparent Pricing

Using what we believe in a unique quoting strategy we ensure streamlined, consistent and uniform quotes making comparisons easy.


Reductions in the cost of investigation are achieved through a reduction in the scope of investigation with an accepted and transparent increase is the risk that comes with reduced data.


Acknowledging the effects on risk exposure in this way is more transparent than the traditional adversarial model of undercutting competitors on price. In the traditional model, risks must still be borne but through caveating and other less tangible ways.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here.

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